Frankfurt, a modern medieval city

We landed in Frankfurt with eight hours waiting for the next flight. We and a few hundred more people, like we ended up discovering later. With Europe's 3rd busiest airport, Frankfurt quickly became a gateway to and out for the rest of the world, a hub for departures and arrivals. What is not at all... Continue Reading →

9 Places to discover Dublin

Dublin is a city that seems to have stopped in time. Dublin is the ideal city to get to know by foot, exploring their unique and colourful brick fa├žade buildings, original monuments, centenary churches, the medieval castle and the dark wooden bars. Let's get to know one of the most lively towns in Europe. Trinity... Continue Reading →

14 places to visit in Vilnius

A Lithuania is the oldest state of the Baltic, having been founded by the Pope in 1251. His story has not been easy, having been occupied along the centuries until finally in 1990, they declared an independent state. The 2oth world War I, was one of the most troubled in its history, having been occupied... Continue Reading →

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