9 Places to discover Dublin

Dublin is a city that seems to have stopped in time. Dublin is the ideal city to get to know by foot, exploring their unique and colourful brick façade buildings, original monuments, centenary churches, the medieval castle and the dark wooden bars.

Dublin_Temple Bar.jpg

Let’s get to know one of the most lively towns in Europe.

  1. Trinity College

The heart of the city beats around Trinity College, here can be found the grand Georgian building of the Bank of Ireland. Visit the Centennial Trinity College and watch a rugby game, rest on the lawn, visit the old library (and the Book of Kells, one of the oldest and most decorated books in Ireland) or simply admire the various buildings and their secrets.

  1. Grafton Street

It’s effortless to spend a morning or an afternoon in this part of town. Stroll on Grafton Street and watch the movement and shops storefronts, the street performers or drink a beer in one of the numerous Pubs.

  1. Saint Stephen’s Green park

Walkthrough St Stephen’s Green and relax by the lake or in one of the numerous banks scattered around the space. Discover some more imposing buildings such as the National Museum of Ireland, the Museum of Natural History, the National Library. Go around Merrion Square, surrounded by museums, richly decorated houses and a garden where we can find an honorable tribute to Oscar Wilde, the provocative and controversial Irish writer.

Dublin_St Stephen’s Green
  1. Dublin Castle

The castle is an imposing building that, despite being almost unnoticed, gathers impressive buildings and a mysterious “pool” of black water that gave the name to the city.

  1. Christ Church Cathedral

The Christ Church Cathedral is the oldest church in town and one of the most sumptuous. It was built in 1030, has Viking origin and a majestic interior with a 25 m core. One of its biggest curiosities is that on the north side the wall leans out about 50 centimetres due to the weight of the original roof. Its crypt houses the wardrobe of the famous series “The Tudor”, whose scenes were also filmed in its surroundings.

  1. St Patrick’s Cathedral.

St Patrick’s Cathedral is the most famous and the most significant Irish church. Born in the place where allegedly would be a well where St Patrick baptised disciples of creationism. The original building was built in wood and rebuilt later in stone. Today St Patrick is the cathedral of the Protestant Church of Ireland.

  1. Temple Bar

Temple Bar is the most exciting area of the city. And it’s not just because of the dozens of bars we can find around here. It is also because of its unique shops, street artists, art galleries, design and photography shops, music centres and excellent mood. The entertainment in the bars starts at 10:30 am, every day, and extends until 1:00 am, on weekdays, and until 2:30 am Fridays and Saturdays. It’s definitely an experience we have to have.

Excellent music with great musicians, playing the most cheerful and faithful Celtic songs. The joy is contagious, and even the most regional songs end up being part of our repertoire, always with a pint of Guinness in hand.

Dublin_Street Artist.jpg
  1. Guinness Storehouse

Dedicated to the most famous beer and brewing in the world, is where we can discover 250 years of history and what makes each pint special. It is one of the most visited places in Ireland, and a must-have on a visit to Dublin. The Guinness Warehouse was a fermentation plant between 1904 and 1988. Today it is a 7-storey space that allows all its visitors to live a real Guinness experience, as well as discovering the entire manufacturing process of the iconic beer.

  1. Other places not to be missed:

Dublin is cut in half by a canal dividing the old part from the post-18th-century development part of the city. This area extends to the north and around O’Connell Street, an impressive avenue surrounded by impressive buildings, shopping streets, historical monuments. In this neighbourhood visit the Moore Street Market, the Old Jameson distillery, the Custom House, and the Henry Street (and adjacent alleys), a pedestrian street very interesting for shoppers.

Dublin was a pleasant surprise. I was passionate about the city, its charming atmosphere, fun and warm people, with a unique concern to keep its history and culture alive. I really, really want to come back.

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