7 Places to Discover Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with a unique combination of cosmopolite, history and tradition. It’s not a town to meet on the weekend, not a month, or, maybe, in a year. It’s a city to discover and visit.


1. Eixample

The Eixample is one of the liveliest and most wealthy neighbourhoods in the city. Housing some of the most impressive architectural monuments such as the unfinished Church of the Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, the surrealist construction from Gaudi and the Mansana de la Discordia, three modernist buildings result from a competition between three bourgeois families, involving three architectural geniuses – Gaudi, Domènech And Puig.

This neighbourhood also houses two of the city’s main arteries, which make it the centre of Economic and financial life, Avenida Diagonal and Passeig di Grácia. Who likes shopping this is the ideal and the most luxurious area of the city.

2. Gothic Quarter

The imposing Barcelona Cathedral, the grandest and most fantastic Palau de la Música Catalan and the austere Gothic church of Santa Maria Of Sea are some of the jewels you can visit here. However, what makes this neighbourhood a unique treasure is its narrow streets, medieval squares and Gothic buildings. The Gothic Quarter is the heart of the city of Barcelona and its an ideal area just wander around, discovering the streets, without a map.

3. Montjuic

The Park of Montjuic, the city’s lungs, has numerous attractions to discover such as the castle, the Olympic zone and the National Palace. The Castle is situated 170 meters above sea level and is an imposing and solid military fortress. The climb can be done by foot or funicular, and the view from above is one of the most impressive in the city. In the Olympic zone, it is possible to visit the Stadium, the Sant Jordi Palace and the structure that received the Olympic torch in 1992.

4. La Rambla

The main pedestrian avenue of Barcelona, this artery is the most touristic area. In here it is possible to find the most different colours and smells, music, street vendors, small flower and recuerdos stores, small local markets and the famous statue men.

Just look around by the Canaletes fountain, which ensures, for those who drink their waters, a new visit to the city, the La Boqueria Market, a true paradise of smells and flavors, the building with the façade full of umbrellas (former factory of the same) and the mosaic of Miro, on the pavement.

5. The Parks

Barcelona has much more to offer beyond its upscale shops and exquisite avenues. Has beautiful green parks like Park Güell and the Ciutadella park.

>> Ciutadella Park is ideal for resting from an intense week wandering through the city streets. It is an oasis of tranquillity in the middle of the city where it is possible to do a picnic, sleep under the trees and take some beautiful selfies next to the fantastic Waterfall Fountain, a monumental baroque fantasy that occupies an on one side of the garden. The Park still holds the Parliament of Catalonia, the Museums of Geology and Zoology and the Arch of Triumph.

>>The Park Güell is located in the upper part of the city and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has one of the most exciting influences of Gaudi in Barcelona. Throughout the park, we find its influences and also it’s home, currently, a museum dedicated to its life

6.The Sighs

There are countless spots where we can see the city from above, like Mount Tibidabo which offers the best view of the town, the Castle of Montjuic, with a superb view, the last floor/coffee of El Corte Inglés, and the Park Güell, which has a unique view of the Sagrada Familia and the Mediterranean.

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