11 Places to discover Berlin

Berlin is a vibrant capital, full of life and interest. Walking through this city is discovering one of the most significant phenomena of post-war reconstruction and modernity. The Berliners enjoy their entire city, whether they are bikes, relaxing in the many gardens, parks or squares full of inviting terraces, whether speeding up in a sports car on one of the broad avenues. Everything seems to be designed to get the most out of the city.

1. Reichstag

The Parliament of unified Germany is one of the most symbolic buildings in Berlin. It was destroyed during World War II and rebuilt in the post-war, maintaining its architecture and adding the modern dome, whose views of the city are widely appreciated. The huge glass dome is 137 meters high and 97 wide and is an extraordinary work of design and engineering. The visit is free, but it should be reserved in anticipation on the website.

2. The Brandenburg Gate

It is a kind of arch of Triumph crowned by a quadriga, a carriage drawn by four horses transporting the God of Victory. It is the main symbol of Berlin and in this square take place the most different celebrations and demonstrations.

3. Gross Tiergarten

The most extensive garden in Berlin and the city’s lungs have about 200 hectares of green spaces, pedestrian paths, lakes and shades that make the delights of the Berliners. After World War II, it was decimated by the Berliners, who cut their trees to have firewood to warm up and used their vast terrains as fields of cultivation to have what to eat. Today is one of the city’s favourite leisure venues.

4. Under The Linden

The most emblematic and cherished avenue of the city. Some of the city’s most famous buildings are located here – the State Opera, the Humboldt-University, the Opempalais (Princess Palace), the Crown Prince’s Palace, once the residence of the successors of the throne, the Russian Embassy and the German Guggenheim.

5. Bebel Place

Small square surrounded by grand historic buildings such as the Opera House, St. Hedwigs, the largest Catholic church in the city, the Library, Humboldt University and the Prince-Heinrich-Palace. In this square, it can still find a memorial that recalls the years of the burning of books by the Nazi regime.

6. Berlin Dom

Is the largest and most impressive church in the city. Its dome offers an impressive panorama of the German capital. The Garden in front of the cathedral, the Lustgarten, it is, the ideal location to rest, snack, sleep a nap in the sun or just enjoy the life and movement of this area of the city.

7. Museum Island

This area of the city gathers a historical architectural complex and some of the most important museums in the World, having been considered a UNESCO Cultural Heritage. Here is it possible to visit the Pergamonmuseum, the Goathe Museum, the Altes Museum and the New Museum.

8. Alexander Place

It was the centre of Berlin during the Cold War, it is a lively square, a meeting point for those who are looking for fun. In here stands the television tower with 365 meters high, visible from almost every part of Berlin, and the Watch of the World, that marks the Time worldwide. It is also a great place to taste local street food and some of the traditional candies in the various stalls scattered around the square.

9. Kurfürstendamm

One of the busiest and most lively avenues in the city. Here are some of the most essential international shops. In this avenue is still possible to visit one of the most striking symbols of the town, Kaiser-Wilhelm church Memory, destroyed in World War II and even maintained with the visible marks of the destruction, as a witness to these black years.

10. Potsdamer Square.

This square was crossed by the Berlin wall and left to abandon for decades after the reunification. It has been rebuilt and currently is one of the most emblematic and bustling places of the city. It still houses a few pieces of the wall, a part of the mythical Hotel Esplanade, the first traffic light in Europe and the Weinhaus Hurth, the only building that survived the war. Now it incorporates the Sony Center, with its futuristic dome, several modern office buildings, the imposing headquarters of the DaimlerChrysler, which dominates a large part of the square, and countless entertainment venues such as restaurants, cafes, the Imax Cinema and a Shopping Centre.

11. The Best of other worlds

The Scheunenviertel (‘Barn Quarter’) is the old Jewish quarter of Berlin, and one of its oldest and most charismatic neighbourhoods. Currently stands as a small village stopped in time within the vast metropolis that is Berlin. Ideal for a stroll, visiting the Sophia Church, the Jewish cemetery, the New Synagogue and the old Postal building, richly ornamented. The Gendarmenmarkt, a Renaissance Square inspired by the Italian culture, crowned by the current Concert hall and by the twins German and French Dom.

In Friedrichstrasse, you can stop, and major international luxury brands shops, the elegant Galeries Lafayette (the only city in the world after Paris where there are one ) and visit the delicious store Fassbender & Rush, where you can discover the magnificent chocolate sculptures (no, it is not possible to give some bites).

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